Clinical Medicine and Nursing

Clinical Medicine and Nursing is sponsored by Viser Technology Ptd. Ltd. in Singapore. Its International Standard Serial Number is ISSN: 2972-3760, which is a comprehensive academic journal in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and nursing. The purpose of the journal is to face the development of medical science, improve the medical theory and professional technology level of medical and health personnel, and improve the diagnosis and treatment level of various diseases; In order to provide readers with a medical academic exchange garden, promote advanced, scientific and standardized diagnosis and treatment knowledge, technology, experience and concepts, highlight the characteristics of TCM and nursing, and solve the current practical problems of TCM and nursing. Based on the principle of combining theory and practice, popularization and improvement, exploration and application, this journal provides the latest and practical information on TCM and nursing, guides the development of TCM and nursing, promotes international academic exchanges, and provides better services for scientific research, clinical and teaching services of nursing. This journal is an open access journal dedicated to publishing high-quality academic papers in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and nursing. At the same time, it provides a communication and information exchange platform for medical workers.

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