Amorphous Alloys and High-entropy Materials


       This book mainly introduces two new structured materials, namely amorphous alloy and high-entropy material. There are 7 chapters in the book: Chapter 1 is an overview of amorphous alloys, which mainly introduces the emergence and development of bulk amorphous alloys and the thermodynamic and kinetic basis of amorphous alloy formation; Chapter 2 introduces the glass-forming ability, that is, the difficulty of glass-forming state of alloy; Chapter 3 is about the properties of bulk metallic glass, mainly introduces the problems that need to be overcome when it comes to the industrial application; Chapter 4 “Process of Amorphous Alloy”, mainly introduces the forming and processing technology of amorphous alloy in practical engineering applications; In chapter 5, the preparation and fatigue behavior of low-cost amorphous alloys are introduced. A series of low-cost amorphous alloys for industrial application is developed by using low-cost high-pressure die casting method and industrial grade materials supplemented with trace rare earth element (Y); Chapter 6 is an overview of high-entropy materials, introducing some work on high-entropy alloys developed based on amorphous alloys in recent years; Chapter 7 introduces the latest development of high-entropy materials, including process-oriented and performance-oriented design of high-entropy materials, including machine learning, high-throughput computing, and high-throughput experiments. Several promising high-entropy materials have been discovered so far.

       This book is suitable for scientific research and engineering technicians, postgraduates, or senior undergraduates in the fields of materials science, condensed matter physics, and amorphous physics, and can also be used as an elective textbook for related majors.

Author(s) Information

Professor Zhang Yong, is also a doctoral supervisor. He found that trace rare earth elements can improve the glass-forming ability of amorphous alloys, which has been widely used in academia and industry; proposed the criterion of high-entropy alloy, synthesized the body-centered cubic high-strength special high-entropy alloy which has the high strength and high toughness; successfully studied high-entropy alloy fiber and high-entropy alloy spectral selective absorption film, published more than 200 academic papers which were cited more than 20,000 times, participated in the publication of Monographs Amorphous and High-entropy Alloy, Advanced High-entropy Alloy Technology, High-entropy Materials, A Brief Introductions, etc., and participated in the preparation of two teaching materials; Among them, the monograph named Advanced High-entropy Alloy Technology won the first prize of Book Publishing of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, and won the second prize of National Natural Science Foundation of China, the first prize and second prize of Natural Science of Ministry of Education, and the first prize and second prize of Natural Science of Shanxi Education Department. He is a committee of the Chinese Materials Research Society and a committee of Chinese Nuclear Society; Participated in organizing the conference on high-entropy alloy and sawtooth behavior for many times and served as the chairman of the sub-conference; He is also a scientific special commissioner of Guangdong Province and a visiting professor of North University of China. He was selected as one thousand talents in Qinghai Province, excellent talents in the new century plan of the Ministry of Education, and high-level talents in Xi'an. He edited the album Serration and Noise Behaviors in Advanced Materials, Nano Structured High-Entropy Alloys, New Advanced in High-entropy Alloys, BCC Structured High-entropy Alloys etc. Professor Zhang Yong is devoting himself to studying sawtooth behavior, high-throughput technology and collective effect in materials science.

Amorphous Alloys and High-entropy Materials