The Resilience of Wuhan Tourism Enterprises under


       With the rapid development of tourism, tourism industry has become an important part of global and regional economic industry. However, due to the fragile characteristics of the tourism industry itself, it is extremely vulnerable to the impact of external crisis environment, resulting in fluctuations in the development of the industry. Major crisis events will pose a severe challenge to the sustainable and stable development of the tourism industry.

       According to the deficiencies of the existing research, this book redefines the concept of Unconventional Emergency and its impact in the field of tourism research by comprehensively combing the research progress of crisis management at home and abroad. The so-called Unconventional Emergency refers to a kind of crisis situation which is opposite to the conventional emergency and has great natural and social risks due to the lack of scene response experience of decision-makers. This book also defines and summarizes the characteristics of unconventional emergencies.

Author(s) Information

Yuqiu Du received her B.E. degree in Business English of Lanzhou Business School, China 2012. She received her M.E. degree from Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics in 2018, with a Professional degree's degree in business administration, and from Kavidi National University in 2022, received her P.H.D. in management. Her research direction is tourism management. From 2013 to 2022, she taught college students in Changqing College of Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics. She joined Gansu Agricultural University as a teacher in December 2022, and she was promoted to lecturer in January 2020. She had served as a professor of undergraduate courses such as Management (Bilingual), College English, Hotel English, and Tourism English. In terms of scientific research, she has published four international journals and one SSCI journal from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Resilience of Wuhan Tourism  Enterprises under