Academic Exchange Meeting on Ecological Energy-saving Buildings and Intelligent Construction

Published on 2022-07-21 | Last updated on 2022-07-21

In order to give full play to the important role of trade associations and academic publishing institutions in building academic exchange platforms, promote the popularization and popularization of related science and technology, and promote the growth and improvement of scientific and technical talents, Construction Technology magazine held the first "Academic Exchange Meeting on Ecological Energy-saving Buildings and Intelligent Construction". Experts, scholars, business people and other relevant personnel from universities and research institutions at home and abroad are cordially invited to contribute and participate in the exchange.

  1. Organization

◆ Host unit

Construction Technology Magazine

◆ Organizer

Chongqing Chuangze culture media co., ltd

◆ Co-organizer

Chongqing Fanyu technology co., ltd

◆ Media support unit

Technical video number of construction

Construction technology cloud school

Urban Architecture Space Magazine

Singapore Viser Science and Technology Press

II, the activity process

The first stage: from June 1 to July 31, 2022, declare and submit the paper results;

The second stage: from August 1 to August 15, 2022, a series of albums will be published and the "Academic Exchange Meeting of Eco-energy-saving Buildings and Intelligent Buildings" and summary activities (online form) will be held.

III. Requirements for soliciting manuscripts

  1. Experts, scholars, technicians and graduate students from all relevant enterprises, institutions and research institutes in the industry can contribute. Please refer to the detailed rules for soliciting manuscripts for the requirements and formats of manuscripts. Please arrange your manuscripts in strict accordance with the listed formats.
  2. Submissions must be unpublished original works, and the copy ratio of words must be controlled within 25%.
  3. The topic selection of manuscripts includes but is not limited to the following directions:

1) the coordinated development of intelligent building and new building industrialization;

2) construction waste reduction;

3) Application of informatization in construction engineering;

4) Green building and low-carbon building;

5) New technology of green construction;

6) Intelligent building materials and engineering applications;

7) Eco-energy-saving buildings and building energy-saving materials;

8) Green construction technology and management;

9) Urban ecology and environment;

10) Energy-saving renovation of buildings.

  1. Excellent works that have passed the review are recommended for inclusion in Engineering Technology (Abstract Edition) (domestic serial number: 50-9224/TB; International serial number: 1671-5721) or Construction Technology magazine.