The "2019 Second Forum on Experimental Design and Computation Simulation of Advanced Structural Mate

Published on 2022-07-21 | Last updated on 2022-07-21

The first session of "Experimental Design and Computational Simulation Forum for Advanced Structural Materials" was successfully held in Beijing on December 14-16, 2018. In two days, nearly 200 material workers from all corners of the country gathered in Beijing and participated in this forum. Nearly 50 experts from home and abroad have conducted extensive and in-depth exchanges from multi-angle, strategic and forward-looking scientific research. It has set up a platform for scientific and technical workers in the field of conference structural materials to carry out academic exchanges and cooperation. While promoting exchanges, it has actively promoted the innovation and development of new structural materials industry.  

On the basis of the successful holding of the first session, the "2019 Second Forum on Experimental Design and Computation Simulation of Advanced Structural Materials" is scheduled to be held in Chengdu on November 8-10, 2019. The theme of this session is "Improving Structural Materials Technology and Boosting Industrial Transformation and Upgrading", aiming at discussing the development focus, hot spots, frontier issues and future trends of advanced structural materials. It is hoped that the convening of the conference will actively promote the academic exchanges in the field of advanced structural materials in China, promote the communication and exchange among academia, industry and application departments, strive to improve the basic research level of advanced structural materials in China, boost the design and research and development of new structural materials, and further accelerate the rapid development of structural materials science and technology in China.   Viser Technology is co-organizer of this event.

The conference will invite research groups at home and abroad to show the latest developments and achievements in related fields. During the conference, participants are welcome to submit posters to show and exchange their research achievements.

The relevant arrangements are hereby notified as follows:

  1. Important time
  2. Registration time of the conference: November 8th, 2019.
  3. Meeting time: November 9, 2019.
  4. End time of the meeting: November 10, 2019
  5. Report abstract deadline: September 30th, 2019.
  6. Wall newspaper size: 90cm wide x 120cm high
  7. Release of meeting schedule: October 1, 2019
  8. Venue: Chengdu

II, the organization

Organizer: National Materials and Devices Network of Beijing Sinoma Enterprise Alliance New Materials Technology Research Center

Co-organizer: Viser Technology Co., LTD

Consultant: Liu Baixin (Tsinghua University), Wang Chongyu (Tsinghua University), Zhang Tongyi (Shanghai University), Wang Dingsheng (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Executive Chairman: Zhang Ruifeng (Beihang University) ,Li Zhengcao (Tsinghua University), Wang Luning (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Zheng Shijian (Hebei University of Technology), Han Weizhong (Xi 'an Jiaotong University) ,Qian Li (Shanghai University)

Academic Member: Chen Xingqiu, Shan Zhiwei, Ding Xiangdong, Guan Pengfei, Guan Shaokang, Han Enhou, Jia Xiaopeng, Jin Changqing,

Jiang Liuyi, Lu Guanghong, Lu Jin Lu, Zhaoping Qiao, Lijie Qiu, Jieshan, Shen Baolong, Sun Zhimei, Sun Wang Weihua, Mingzhi Wang, Wang Zidong, Xu Dongsheng, Jinbo Yang, Yang Yuansheng, Zhang Di, Zhang Yong, Zhang Zhefeng, Zhang Zhengjun, Zhao Jijun, Zeng Xiaoqin

III. Submission of papers

  1. Deadline for abstracts of papers/reports: September 30th, 2019.
  2. Report language: English/Chinese.
  3. Format requirements: Word can edit the text. See the template in the receipt for details.
  4. Wall newspaper: it can be printed by itself or by the conference group (90cm wide *120cm high).

Meeting schedule (the final schedule is subject to the meeting site)

Theme setting: (all the experts listed below have confirmed their attendance)

First unit Material calculation, simulation and design

Long Run (Beijing Normal University)-Report Title: Photogenerated Carrier Dynamics at Nanointerface

The nonequilibrium topological states of 2D materials

Sun Jiatao (Beijing Institute of Technology)-Report title: The non-equilibrium topological states of 2D materials

Chen Xingqiu (Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Sciences) ,Guan Pengfei (Beijing Computing Science Research Center) ,Han Weizhong (Xi 'an Jiaotong University), Lu Jin (Peking University) Zhimei Sun (Beihang University) Jinbo Yang (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences),Zhang Jing (Chongqing University),

Second unit Genetic engineering of materials

Cui Tian (Jilin University) —— Report Title: Design, Synthesis and Superconducting Properties of a New Type of Ultra-hydrogen Materials

Fang Daining (Beijing Institute of Technology)-Report Title: Design, Preparation and Performance Characterization of Advanced Materials and Structures for Aerospace

Liu Yi (Shanghai University)-Report Title: High Throughput of Machine Learning Acceleration

Du Yong (Central South University)-Report Title: Intelligent Design Software for Materials, Database and Examples

Ding Xiangdong (Xi 'an Jiaotong University), Shan Zhiwei (Xi 'an Jiaotong University),  Qian Li (Shanghai University)

Qiao Lijie (Beijing University of Science and Technology), Zeng Xiaoqin (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

Unit 3 Amorphous and High Entropy Alloy

Qiao Zanwei (Taiyuan University of Technology)-Report Title: Development and Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Stainless Steel

Yan Litang (Tsinghua University)-Report Title: Entropy Control Strategy of Soft Material-Computational Design and Theoretical Simulation

Zhang Yong (University of Science and Technology Beijing)-Report Title: High Entropy Alloy Flexible Materials

Shen Baolong (Southeast University) Wang Weihua (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Yao Kefu (Tsinghua University)

Zheng Shijian (Hebei University of Technology)

Unit 4 Advanced Bioalloy Materials

Guan Shaokang (Zhengzhou University) Wang Luning (University of Science and Technology Beijing)

Unit 5 Advanced Aerospace Structural Materials

Zhang Yuefei (Beijing University of Technology) —— Report Title: In-situ Study on Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Nickel-based Alloy at High Temperature in Scanning Electron Microscope

Qiu Jieshan (beijing university of chemical technology) ,Sun Jun (Xi 'an Jiaotong University) , Wang Zidong (University of Science and Technology Beijing) ,Xiao Bolu (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences) , Xu Dongsheng (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences)  ,Zhang Di (Shanghai Jiaotong University) ,Zhang Ruifeng (Beihang University) , Zhang Zhefeng (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Unit 6 Superalloys and Nuclear Materials

Interface roles in helium management in nano- structure ferritic alloys: a first principles study

Jiang Yong (Central South University)-Report title: interface roles in helium management in nano-structure ferrous alloys: a first principles study

Zhang Zhengjun (Tsinghua University) ,Li Zhengcao (Tsinghua University) Lu Guanghong ,(Beihang University)

Yang Yuansheng (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Unit 7 Hard/Superhard Materials

Mingzhi Wang (Yanshan University) —— Report title: The influence of vacancy effect on the preparation of high entropy compounds.

Functional hard/superhard materials

Yu Xiaohui (Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)-Report title: Functional Hard/Super Hard Materials

Jia Xiaopeng (Jilin University)-Report Title: Synthesis of Large Diamond Single Crystals in China at High Temperature and High Pressure

Han Enhou (Institute of Metals, Chinese Academy of Sciences)